Cape Cod Single Ball Bracelet (NEW Style!)

The classic Cape Cod Single Ball bracelet, the style that began it all, now made with REVERSED METALS! A 14k gold filled band and a solid sterling silver ball. A golden twist on this timeless classic. 

The gold band gives the bracelet more of an over all golden vibe, for all the yellow gold lovers out there! Gold-filled is NOT gold-plated, therefore it holds up almost as well as solid 14k gold, at a fraction of the price..

For your information: Gold plating uses a very little amount of gold while GOLD FILLING contains layers and layers of gold. Gold filled items have a higher market value compared to gold plated items.

***This bracelet is GOLD FILLED. ***

To find the correct Cape Cod Bracelet size, measure the circumference of the wrist (around the wrist bone) with a piece of string or a flexible tape measure, and ADD half an inch. For example, a wrist measuring 6 inches, needs a 6.5 inch bracelet. We suggest rounding up if in between sizes.

To clean Cape Cod Jewelry, simply polish with any sterling silver liquid cleaner or polishing cloth.

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