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These freshwater, cultivated pearl studs are a classic wardrobe staple and make the perfect gift. 

They are high quality, round studs set in solid 14k gold and are available in a variety of sizes. 

The pearls are white in color with subtle hints of rose, blue, green and silver. They have a thick layer of nacre which makes them durable and beautiful. 

Learn more about Akoya vs Freshwater Pearls: 

Shape: Akoya pearls will be perfectly round in all pearl grades, while the vast majority of Freshwater pearls may be slightly off-round.

Luster: Akoya pearls display very sharp and bright luster, even in some of the lower qualities. Freshwater pearls generally feature a softer, more “satiny” luster that tends to be visibly more diffuse around the edges of reflected light sources.

Cultivation: Both Akoya and Freshwater pearls are farm grown and cultivated, but in different bodies of water and different mollusks.  Many freshwater pearls are able to be grown in each mussel shell, as opposed to Akoya saltwater pearls that are grown for a longer amount of time and one per oyster. 

Prices: Akoya pearls are more rare (and traditionally more expensive) than Freshwater pearls, and are considered by most pearl buyers to be the iconic luxury round pearl.

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