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These freshwater, cultivated pearl studs are a classic wardrobe staple and make the perfect gift. 

They are high quality, round studs set in solid 14k gold and are available in a variety of sizes. 

The pearls are white in color with subtle hints of rose, blue, green and silver. They have a thick layer of nacre which makes them durable and beautiful. 

Learn more about Akoya vs Freshwater Pearls: 

Shape: Akoya pearls will be perfectly round in all pearl grades, while the vast majority of Freshwater pearls may be slightly off-round.

Luster: Akoya pearls display very sharp and bright luster, even in some of the lower qualities. Freshwater pearls generally feature a softer, more “satiny” luster that tends to be visibly more diffuse around the edges of reflected light sources.

Blemishes: Akoya pearl blemishes include subtle white “chalky” spots, flat spots, wrinkling in the nacre and tiny pin prick-like inclusions. Freshwater pearl blemishes are typified by white chalky spots, raised ridges, tiny pin prick patterns and small, streak-like score marks. Both pearl type’s blemishes are very small however, and should only be visible upon close inspection.

Prices: Akoya pearls are more rare (and traditionally more expensive) than Freshwater pearls, and are considered by most pearl buyers to be a “luxury” pearl type. 

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