Jewelry Care + Cleaning


Our items are made of sterling silver and solid 14k gold, which are precious metals and will require cleaning from time to time. When cared for properly, your jewelry will remain in it’s best condition for many years. 

Tarnishing of sterling silver is completely normal and can always be cleaned and polished away. If the silver has interacted with something that caused it to tarnish deeply, it may look like the below photos. 
Follow the steps below to get your jewelry looking new again.

Steps we recommend for cleaning your silver and gold jewelry:
1. Soak in warm (mild) soapy water to remove any residue. Rinse.
2. Use a liquid tarnish remover and small brush to get in between any grooves. (Follow product directions and do not soak for long.) Rinse.
3. Finish with a silver polishing cloth and lots of elbow grease for a high shine.
We like to use Connoisseur's brand cleaners and sell the polishing cloths. 

*Most gemstones should not be dipped in silver cleaners.


Silver tarnish is the discoloration of sterling silver items which can take on a yellow or black tint. This oxidation most commonly occurs from air, and different air qualities and environments can play an affect in the tarnishing. Tarnishing can take place even faster and deeper if sterling silver comes in contact with certain detergents or cosmetics. Even just the chemicals in our sweat (based on body chemistry) is enough to cause tarnishing in silver jewelry when worn. (Therefore, it is more likely to happen on pieces worn around the neck in summertime.)

The good news is that with sterling silver, regular care can really slow down and remove the tarnishing, unlike silver-plated jewelry which will deteriorate no matter what. To keep tarnish away, do not wear your jewelry while swimming (especially in chlorine!), keep your jewelry away from cleaning and personal products/cosmetics, and store in an airtight plastic bag when not wearing.

Please note, if sterling silver comes into contact with chlorine, and certain other stronger chemicals, it will usually cause a quick and dark discoloration of the metal that is difficult to clean with the above steps, and may need to be buffed off by a jeweler.